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Course announcements

  • Gain knowledge about SAP authorization concept


  • Learn about the elements, strategies, and tools of the SAP authorization concept
  • Create and assign authorizations using the Role Administration / Profile Generator
  • Know more about the principle usage of the NetWeaver Identity Management and Central User Administration (CUA)


  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant




  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1


  • Authorizations
    • Working with Authorizations
  • Authorization Concepts for Compliant Identity Management
    • Working with Identity Management (IDM)
    • Working with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
    • Working with Compliant Identity Management (CIM)
    • Designing an Authorization Concept for an AS ABAP based system
    • Implementing an Authorization Concept for an AS ABAP based system
  • Authorization Terminology
    • Working with the Elements and Terms of an Authorization concept
    • Checking authorization in an ABAP systems
  • User Maintenance
    • Working with different User sources
    • Maintaining User
  • Basic Role Maintenance
    • Defining a role
    • Defining authorizations in a role
    • Defining customizing roles
    • Creating composite roles
    • Creating reference and derived roles
  • Advanced Role Maintenance
    • Using subtleties of the authorization maintenance
    • Defining authorizations for system user
  • Configure authorization environment
    • Installing and Upgrade the role maintenance
    • Configuring the role maintenance
    • Defining system settings
    • Analyzing authorization
    • Transporting authorizations
  • Integration into the Company Landscape
    • Using the Central User Administration (CUA)
    • Moving CUA into IDM
    • Knowing other Topics of authorization concepts in the SAP Business Suite


  • The concepts explained here are demonstrated using an SAP ECC system. For the most part, however, they can be applied to other components.
  • A fundamental knowledge of the SAP environment is essential before attending to this course.

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